About TrueAthletes.org

Hi! I’m glad you are reading this page.  Please understand that trueathletes.org is not in any way about athletes (or readers of this site) who are “better” than others – as if to say non-readers of this site are somehow “false” or lesser in some way.  That is not the meaning at all.

Rather, trueathletes.org is meant to dig into human beings and our sports culture in hopes of encouraging athletes, coaches, and parents to become and to live out a “true” life as they have opportunity in the arena of athletics, i.e., an existence which is free from blemish, flaw, or error, and is bound to exactness, excellence, and alignment.  Thus, a “true athlete” is one who is looking beyond the ups and downs of wins/losses, beyond the ups and downs of performance, and beyond the ups and downs of injury, adversity, and success.  I guess it is really an adjusted (redeemed?) way of looking at success; knowing that the scoreboard, the scholarship offer, the personal stat line is not the story.  But, that the preparation, the effort, the attitude, and the impact on others really is.

From my experience, I’ve found that living flawlessly is not possible, so all of this site/writing is really about a goal or standard which exceeds my grasp.  It is kind of like the Sermon on the Mount given by Jesus in Matthew 5-7.  In my humanity, I cannot live to the perfections Christ presents (being poor in spirit, hungering and thirsting for righteousness, etc.) as I am broken and full of sin.  However, through Christ, I benefit from a “now, but not yet” situation – I do presently own/have those perfections due to the fact that I am “in Christ” and a new creation.  Yet, though I am “in Christ”, I am also “in my human body”, so I am yet to realize those perfections fully.  I will live out my best performances still hindered by shortcoming after shortcoming.  But, someday it will be perfected.  In the meantime, I will strive to be “true”, and attempt to redeem athletics into a platform/vessel for Christ’s Kingdom.

I am simply a passionate coach of high school athletes.  I love to see people achieve at a high level.  I love to see hard work.  I love to see great sportsmanship.  I’m longing, praying, and working to see our young athletes live out “true” athletic competition and participation in the glorious design of Christ.

Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy.